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Tennessee Churches Pray To Keep Sex Swingers Club Out (Video)

Churches in Madison, Tennessee, are meeting and praying against a sexual swingers club, The Social Club.

The Social Club wants to gather on a property near the Goodpasture Christian School (video below).

"We have come together, all denominations, all races, for one cause, that Madison is a great community, and that we can keep it that way," said Pastor Sandy McClain, of the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, during the meeting on Sunday, noted The Tennessean.

The Social Club has gotten most of the necessary permits, but the town council may ban private clubs from certain areas this Tuesday.

Additionally, Tennessee state Rep. Bill Beck (D) has written a bill that would keep private clubs 1,000 feet from churches, schools, residential areas and parks, reports News Channel 5.

However, The Social Club promises to fight its opponents in court, if need be.

Buck Dozier, an elder at the Madison Church of Christ, said at Sunday's meeting: "Every child needs a sex education. It's not a matter of if they are going to get one. It's about who's going to give it to them. We are asking these consenting adults to take this club away themselves."

"The council is going to vote the way they want to vote," stated Galen Davis, a pastor at Cornerstone Nashville. "Then, we are going to vote the way we want to vote."

Sources: The Tennessean, News Channel 5
Image Credit: News Channel 5 Screenshot


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