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Tennessee Church Kicks Out Boy Scouts Over 'Sexual Purity' Policies (Video)

The North Boulevard Church of Christ in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is kicking out a local Boy Scouts troop and a Cub Scouts pack over "sexual purity" policies (video below).

The church hasn't accused the scouts of actually committing sexual immorality, but is asking them to leave because the Boy Scouts of America lifted its ban against openly-gay scouts and scout leaders, reports WKRN.

The church said in a statement: "Scouting policies regarding sexual purity no longer reflect our values—values grounded in the work of Christ, in the Scriptures, and in nearly 2,000 years of church teaching."

However, the Boy Scouts of America website states that scouts are not supposed to engage in sexual activity: "Further, the new BSA policy states that any sexual conduct, whether homosexual or heterosexual, by youth of Scouting age is contrary to the virtues of Scouting."

The website adds: "To be clear, the only change to the BSA membership standards policy is that simply stating a same-sex attraction is no longer grounds for a youth member's removal from the traditional Scouting program."

"However, if the behavior of any youth member becomes a distraction to the program or the performance of the unit, such as by discussing sexual activity or advocating conduct inconsistent with the mission and beliefs of the Boy Scouts of America, unit leaders may remove him or her from the troop or crew."

Murfreesboro resident Joe Elliott, who claims to be an ordained United Methodist minister, told WKRN that he supports the church's decision:

I think political correctness a lot of times lead us to saying nothing or being afraid to say anything. And I decided that I needed to take a stand and believe God’s word, and take a stand on God’s word regardless of what people think, and what the society says.

Because I believe our beliefs are being eroded and I believe even Christian people are reinterpreting the scriptures.

However, like the church, Elliot did not point to any actual homosexuals acts being committed by the scouts.

The church is allowing the scouts to stay until they find a new home.

Sources: WKRN, Boy Scouts Of America / Photo Credit: WKRN Screenshot


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