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Televangelist: Trump Protesters Are 'Demon-Possessed' (Video)

Televangelist and convicted felon Jim Bakker expressed his outrage on Feb. 2 over some people who were protesting against President Donald Trump (video below).

Bakker recalled "four rotten little girls," who were protesting at the president’s inauguration on Jan. 20, notes Right Wing Watch:

Listen, what's happening is we've had leaders who have opened our country to demon powers. They have worked for the dark side on the other side. And we have millions of demon-possessed people in this country now.

The kids, just like these girls, I'm serious, I mean to come against a whole country, four rotten little girls, forgive me Jesus, but it was a possession.

Evangelist Billye Brim jumped in to ask lawmakers to stop the protesters, whom she called "demons": "People in Washington D.C. Don't let those demons gather up there in that Mall. Gather those people. You have authority over demons. They can become confused, they come to nothing."

Self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs recently predicted on "It's Supernatural With Sid Roth" that media outlets would fail because God is going to raise up "media revolutionaries," reports Right Wing Watch:

God is getting ready to move! I have to say something! The pressure that is going to be put on society is actually going to enrage Satan and so there is going to be this persecution ridge that you have talked about.

But what is going to happen is, if they continue to persecute the church and the singers who will stand up and not be ashamed and not be in political correctness, those networks, those media outlets are going to fall down.

The Lord is raising up an alternative voice that is media revolutionaries. I'm telling you the spirit of God, there's gonna be YouTube revival, there's gonna be social networking, news ideas. These media revolutionaries are going to take away the wealth of these liberal networks that have dared touch the apple of God’s eye. It’s going to happen.

Sources: Right Wing Watch (2) / Photo Credit: The Jim Bakker Show/Twitter

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