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Televangelist Blames Obama For Hurricane Matthew (Video)

Televangelist and convicted felon Jim Bakker tried to blame President Barack Obama for Hurricane Matthew during the "Jim Bakker Show" on Oct. 17 (video below).

Bakker told his viewers: "I think it was yesterday's program, I said I think this hurricane has something to do with what Obama did a few days ago," notes Right Wing Watch.

In a lengthy explanation, Bakker recalled that former Israeli President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres died on Sept. 28, which was when Hurricane Matthew began, and that the storm intensified the same day a White House press release about Peres' funeral was issued and corrected.

Bakker was apparently referring to Sept. 30 when a White House press release corrected the location of Peres' memorial service from Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, Israel, to just Jerusalem, as reported by USA Today.

Bakker went on to say that the press release was changed because Obama "did not want to admit that Jerusalem was in Israel."

USA Today noted: "Obama has followed the policy of previous administrations in not recognizing Jerusalem as part of Israel."

Bakker's guest, Zach Drew, added that Obama said that Jerusalem is on Palestinian land, a first for a U.S president. Drew did not cite the source of his assertion, which could not be verified by Opposing Views.

Bakker said that Hurricane Matthew was another sign of what happens when the U.S. divides Israel or tries to do things against Israel.

Bakker went on to note that Obama opposed current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plan's to build new homes on the West Bank.

On Oct. 5, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that the announcement about the future West Bank construction by Netanyahu's administration "contradicted" a previous public assurance from the Israeli government, reported CNN.

That "public assurance" was made during a June 2009 speech by Netanyahu: "The territorial issues will be discussed in a permanent agreement. Till then we have no intention to build new settlements or set aside land for new settlements."

Bakker insisted that the Obama administration's rebuke of Netanyahu's new decision to construct settlements was somehow a rebuke to the entire country of Israel.

Bakker then tried to link the Book of Matthew in the Bible from 2,000 years ago to Hurricane Matthew.

"I really believe that God’s trying to speak to America, and we need to wake up, we need to wake up," Bakker warned.

Sources: Right Wing Watch, USA TodayCNN / Photo credit: Jim Bakker Show via YouTube

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