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Televangelist and Potential Texas Senate Candidate David Barton Believes Global Warming Is A Result Of Sinning Americans

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Blaming the world’s problems on sinners is typically an act done by extremist evangelists like the Westboro Baptist Church or religious, attention-seeking media personalities, not politicians. Claiming that climate change is occurring because American citizens are having abortions, for instance, is not typically something constituents would like a Congressman to believe, especially when facing votes about environmental issues. That’s exactly, however, what David Barton has said he believes, according to Salon.

Speaking with televangelist Kenneth Copeland on his television program Believer’s Voice Of Victory, Copeland claimed that America’s support of abortion rights “opened the door to the curse” from God that led to national disasters such as floods and tornadoes, which citizens wrongly refer to as global warming.

Copeland, of course, is also a televangelist and religious author, so his statements were not that far from the norm. According to several news publications including Mother Jones, however, Copeland is considering a run for U.S. Senate. Although he has yet to admit his interest in running for the position, Copeland does have a history of associating with and influencing right-wing politicians such as Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. 

At the urging of fellow right-wing media personalities such as Glen Beck, Copeland may challenge the incumbent Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn. On a recent show, Beck discussed the future Senate race, saying, “Senator David Barton. You should quiver in your boots and hide, John.” 

If Barton were elected, conversations about bills relating to environmental issues would quickly become interesting. Barton stated that “we opened a door that lost God’s protection over our environment and that’s our choice," not necessarily the rational thinking required by members of the legislative branch of the United States of America.

Barton also “believes America should be governed by Biblical law,” Mother Jones reports. 


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