Teenager Stoned to Death After Participating in Beauty Contest


In the Ukraine, beauty contests are a pretty big thing. It is one way to escape what can be a life of poverty, and if you are lucky, maybe you can end up on Bachelor Ukraine starring Maksim.

Well, for one Muslim girl in the Ukraine, entering a beauty contest did not turn out so well. Katya Koren finished seventh in her first beauty contest, and for her reward, was stoned to death by three fellow Muslim youths who said they killed the 19 year old and buried her in the forest because they were administering Sharia law. They said they would do it again.

I bet what really happened is that Katya would have nothing to do with these a-holes, and when she rejected their advances, they decided to get even by killing her, and then ended up trying to justify it under Muslim law, which they cannot, because the only thing stoning is supposed to be used for is adultery, and even that is up to debate, except for Iran, which seems to take great pride in ticking off as many countries as possible with their interpretation of Muslim law.


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