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Teen Not Allowed In Christian Prom While Wearing Family Kilt (Video)

David Leix, 16, was refused entry into a Christian prom on May 15 in Johnston County, Tennessee, while wearing his grandfather’s kilt.

"I was never trying to go against the dress code. Alot of people are saying I was trying to be rebellious and that, and that's why I wore a kilt. I actually am Scottish and Irish, that is why I wore a kilt, it's my grandfather's," Leix told Time Warner Cable News (video below).

Leix eventually changed into pants that a Praise Prom volunteer got for him, but the teen missed out on more than two hours of the event.

Traci Lanphere, the director of the Praise Prom, said in a statement:

"His delayed admittance into the Praise Prom did not have to do with his kilt, it had to do with him not wearing the dress pants we required. He signed the same agreement that nearly 100 other teens signed and adhered to and hundreds more have done the same for all these years.

"In this policy it is stated that 'You may enjoy wearing a tuxedo, but it is not necessary for this event. Dress pants, shirt, and tie are perfectly acceptable. Avoid jeans, shorts, sagging pants, or t-shirts.'"

Lanphere correctly quoted the Praise Prom website's rules, but Lanphere referred to the dress pants as "required," when the rules actually state: "perfectly acceptable." Praise Proms are alternative Christian events held for those who are home-schooled.

Lanphere went on to say in her statement:

"We want to keep things about Jesus, and keep things very simple and straightforward. We support people who want to celebrate their special heritages, and suggest that David and his Mom perhaps create a special heritage night or dance."

It's not known if Jesus wore pants. Roman soldiers, who occupied Israel during the time of Christ, didn't wear pants until the first century A.D., notes Live Science.

R.C. Sproul, a prominent American Christian theologian, states on his website that he sometimes wears a kilt to formal events because of his Scottish heritage.

Praise Prom officials will refund the teen his $60 ticket because he missed so much of the event over the kilt issue.

Sources: Time Warner Cable News,, Live Science,
Image Credit: Time Warner Cable News Screenshot


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