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Pennsylvania Teen Arrested And Charged For Desecrating Jesus Statue In Online Pics (Photos)

A Pennsylvania teen was arrested and charged after allegedly posting photos of himself mimicking a sex act with a statue of Jesus.

The boy, who is 14 years old, reportedly posted pictures of himself online mimicking a sex act with a statue of Jesus. According to police report published on the Bedford County Free Press website, the incident took place in July, but charges were just filed this week.

The teen has reportedly been charged under a rarely used law from 1972 that makes it illegal to defile a venerated object. The statue that the teen desecrated belongs to a Christian service organization called Love in the Name of Christ.

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(via Bedford County Free Press)

Although court papers are sealed due to the teen being underage, the charges were officially filed in juvenile court this week.

Sources: The Altoona Mirror, ABC 27, Bedford County Free Press


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