Ted Cruz's Father: 'God Ordains the Death Penalty!'


The ever provocative pastor Rafael Cruz and his son Sen. Ted Cruz took an interesting stance on the death penalty this week, arguing that God approved it in the Bible.

The elder Cruz spoke at the guns rights advocacy group OK2A and the anti-government Tulsa 9.12 Project when he referenced certain quotes from the Bible. He argued that chapter nine of Genesis clearly states that God ordained the death penalty.

He criticized those who feel the death penalty shows no mercy, but didn’t explain why they were wrong.

Cruz also spoke at length on gun violence, noting that if teachers had guns there would be fewer incidents of shootings at schools.

“You want to eliminate school massacres? Have the teachers carry [guns]!” Cruz said. “How stupid can you be?”

His third topic of discussion was of gay marriage, arguing that it was Adam and Eve who populated the earth, not Adam and Steve. Hate speech claims would follow the legalization of gay marriage, Cruz argued.

“You preach Romans chapter one in your church, you’re going to be called before a court for hate speech,” Cruz said. “Are you going to take that page and cut it out of your Bible?”

In summary, Cruz noted that social justice quickly leads to socialism, then communism.

Cruz called Obama a “king” and “tyrant” before closing his discussion.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Class Warefare Exists


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