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Teacher Accused Of Saying Parents Aren’t Christians If They Voted For Obama (Video)

Some parents claim that a teacher at Dublin Middle School in Georgia told students that if their parents voted for President Obama then they couldn't be Christians.

Dublin City Schools Superintendent Dr. Chuck Ledbetter said that the teacher voiced a "political opinion" three weeks ago (video below).

However, the teacher, identified as Nancy Perry, told 41NBC that reports of the incident are "untrue" and called it an "unfortunate issue."

The Dublin Laurens NAACP posted a letter on the Laurens County Democratic Party Facebook page that said in part:

A teacher in this day and time -- a lot is put upon him or her -- and we all know that "things happen." Nancy Perry, I would argue and point out -- after telling her students that our President is not a Christian -- after telling her students that if anyone votes for our President that they are not a Christian -- after telling our students to "prove their Christianity TO HER -- after telling our students that, if their parents voted for our President, that their parents are then not Christians -- after trying to create doubt and bully people's family relationships -- after being able to go home and "think about it" -- after being able to think about what she did for a few days and a few nights -- what did Nancy Perry do? -- What did she do?

The posting goes on to claim that Perry stood by her comments, and that she brought her husband, who sits on the local school board, to a meeting with parents, which Ledbetter seemed to regret.

"A board member being in a parent-teacher conference can tip the balance, or at least from the appearance, tip the balance of fairness,” Ledbetter stated. “It is not a practice that we can allow.”

Ledbetter said that Perry had a meeting with school officials, was told that her comments were not appropriate and disciplined.

Sources: 41NBC, Facebook
Image Credit: 41NBC Screenshot


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