Tea Party Activist Upset that Atheists, Wiccans, Muslims Allowed in US (Video)


Brooke McGowan, a spokeswoman of the Tea Party News Network, spoke at the "Reclaim America" rally on Nov. 19.

During her speech, she warned that the US may be judged by God for allowing the free practice of atheism, Wicca and Islam (video below).

“In this nation we have turned away from the God of the Bible and we’ve told him he’s simply not welcome here,” McGowan said. “We have welcomed pluralism, atheism, secular humanism, Wicca and even Islam.”

McGowan also claimed that 55 million babies had been aborted in the US because of "convenience and self-importance."

“We sacrificed 55 million children in 40 years to the god of convenience and self-importance,” added McGowan. “The tune of 55 million. That’s our children, that’s our people, that’s Americans. Fifth-five million Americans have been tossed into the fire, the dumpster and the toilet.”

McGowan recalled the good old days following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack because of the Christian and patriotic messages that were publicly displayed

“Everywhere you looked, every marquee, every sign in the yard, every flag, the signs would say, ‘God bless America’ or ‘God bless our land,’” McGowan said.

According RightWingWatch.org, McGowan cited the beliefs of Christian author Jonathan Cahn who claimed the Sept. 9, 2011 terrorist attacks and the Sept. 2008 financial Wall Street crisis were judgment from God.

“Our national security was breached on 9/11 and yet no repentance came,” added McGowan. “Then financial devastation hit seven years later, still no repentance. Chance after chance to change, yet we still hoist our fist in his face.”

McGowan also claimed that Bibles and saying "Jesus" were not allowed at Walter Reed Hospital.

However, according to Snopes.com, this Bible "rule" was actually rescinded in 2012, but was in place to protect patients from unwanted proselytizing. The rule was reportedly not even enforced. There is no rule against saying "Jesus" in the hospital.

“At Walter Reed hospital down the road where our broken and mangled servicemen and women lie, you can’t even speak the name of Jesus or take in a Bible,” she said. “This is a disgrace!”

Sources: Snopes.com and RightWingWatch.org


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