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Target Customer Confronts Christian Protester (Video)

A Target customer (pictured above) recently confronted a Christian protester who was preaching against the chain's policy of allowing people to use the bathroom of their gender identity. A video (below) of the incident was uploaded to YouTube May 19.

Joe My God notes that during previous protests of this sort, customers usually walk away, but a transgender customer, who did not self-identify their sex, stood his/her ground.

"Do not come to Target, they let transgender people in the bathroom!" the protester yelled.

The customer replied, "Yeah, and you know what, there's a transgender person right here, so you can just keep on walking--"

"That's OK with me, you're gonna go to hell--" the protester countered.

"And you're gonna be an a--hole for the rest of your life," said the customer.

The protester continued to walk through the store and alleged that there were cases of "pedophilia, people taking pictures of children in that bathroom. They're taking advantage of the rule. Kids are getting their pictures taken inside of this Target. Shame on you Target! You know you should not let a grown man in the little kids' bathroom!"

"Trans women aren't men, a--hole," the customer fired back. "They're women."

The protester told the customer that God made people man and woman, and the customer responded, "What god? What god? Show me God. Show me God. Show me God. Show me God. Show me God."

The protester didn't offer proof of God, but asked if the customer was a woman, and the customer told him, "That's none of your f--- business, is it?"

The protester was soon confronted by a Target employee and told the worker: "You can't touch me or I'll sue you."

The protester went on to say how Target had lost one million customers (because of a boycott by the American Family Association), and was eventually escorted out by Target employees.

Joe My God reports that the American Family Association recently said in a press release, which has since been removed from the Christian organizations' website, that the boycott had helped lower Target's stock price:

In comparison to other major retailers, Target’s stock has dropped three and four times more than the stock of its competitors. While there are many factors at play in the stock market, we do believe the boycott has played a role in the company’s public image and ultimate stock fall the past four weeks.


Sources: Joe My God (2), American Family Association / Photo credit: Shawn Wasson/YouTube

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