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New Survey Shows Evangelical Christians Cheat On Their Spouses The Most

A new survey shows the religions of people who cheat on their spouses, and according to the results, Evangelical Christians take the top spot.

Ashley Madison is a website for married people who discreetly want to find something on the side, and in a recent survey, they found that the majority of cheaters are Christian.

“You can go and pray every Sunday, or Saturday, or three times a day, and it may not make a difference in how monogamous you are,” said Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman to the NY Daily News.

The survey shows that Evangelical Christians make up a quarter of the people who participated in the survey, while two other denominations of Christianty, Catholicism and Protestantism, take spots two and three, respectively; all falling above 20 percent. Other religions like Mormonism, Judaism, and Hinduism, account for less than two percent of participants, and non-belief systems like Atheism and Agnosticism fall very low on the list.

The survey questioned around 63,000 people, and of those people, 57 percent were male.

Take a look below at the top ten religious affiliations of cheaters, based on the Ashley Madison survey.

1. Evangelical: 25.1%

2. Catholic: 22.75%

3. Protestant: 22.7%

4. Agnostic: 2%

5. Mormon: 1.6%

6. Muslim: 1.5%

7. Jewish: 1.4%

8. Atheist: 1.4%

9. Jehovah's Witness: 0.5%

10. Hindu: 0.3%


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