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'Superman' Director Zack Snyder Compares Man of Steel to Jesus (Video)

"Superman: Man of Steel" is one of the most anticipated films this summer and like all blockbusters is somewhat over-hyped.

The buzz has been growing around the June 14 premiere with the release of various trailers (video below).

However, the film's director Zack Snyder may have taken movie hype to a new level by comparing Superman and Jesus.

"What is personal to you or to someone who sees a Christ story or someone who doesn’t, it might affect the way they see the movie in a different way, or it may make the events in the film more personal, or make the mythological points of the film more intense," Snyder told

"...For me personally, I think that the mythological part of the story and there’s other parallels as well, but if you see this Christ-like story within it, it is really to act as a metaphor to see that Superman is struggling in a way that there might be another layer to it that you can draw from other experiences."

Screenwriter David Goyer added: "We didn’t come up with these allusions of Superman being Christ-like, that’s something that’s been embedded in the character from the beginning. But also the legend of Moses, clearly the whole way his parents give him up."



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