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Super Bowl Sunday Church Service Includes Sex Humor (Video)

The Crossroads Church in Cincinnati put on its Super Bowl Sunday service on Feb. 5 to appeal to sports-minded churchgoers who had football on their minds (video below).

The Friendly Atheist notes that the church service featured an onstage competition, sports-style butt slapping and an "encrotchment" joke.

In a video of the service, a pastor told the congregation how Super Bowl weekend was the lowest attended Sunday service nationwide.

"We decided about 15 years ago we wanted to change that," the pastor said. "We want to turn the volume all the way up on Super Bowl Sunday, and we want to get rowdy at church."

In another clip, a pastor wearing a football jersey ran on stage using a self-spanking motion.

Another clip showed a pastor and his "red team" rushing on stage, which was made to appear to look like a football field, to the hip-hop song "Money On My Mind."

Part of the team competition included people shaking their rear ends, "junk in the trunk," to get items to fall out of miniature trunks that they had strapped on their waists.

In another clip, two men joked about an "encroachment" violation being "encrotchment." A pastor on the stage also mentioned the "encrotchment" violation.

There was also a pre-taped comedy bit about "correctile dysfunction."

The church website states that the church opened its doors in 1996:

So where is Crossroads going? Only God really knows. But our short history has shown us that it's a journey of creating something that hasn't yet been seen, saying things that aren't being said and trusting God to do something truly meaningful in and through a bunch of imperfect people.

We've seen that kind of faith and dependence affect people within our community, our city, our country and, increasingly, our world. We expect God to continue to lead us through hard decisions that challenge the status quo. We'll do these things because we believe that God uses them to bring all of us into a thriving life of freedom. And we're all about that.

Sources: Friendly Atheist, Crossroads Church / Photo credit: Crossroads/Facebook

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