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Sudan 'Re-Arrests' Death Row Woman Meriam Ibrahim

After Sudanese officials annulled her death sentence this week, 40 security agents at Khartoum Airport detained Christian mother-of-two Meriam Ibrahim and her family as they boarded a plane to the United States.

Sentenced to death for renouncing her father’s Islamic faith, Ibrahim, 27, was released after international pressure was put on Sudanese officials. Agents from the National Intelligence and Security Services detained Ibrahim just 24 hours after her release.

Ibrahim, her two children and her husband Daniel Wani intended to leave Sudan for the U.S., The Guardian reports. Wani, who married Ibrahim in 2011, is a U.S. citizen.

Ibrahim was pregnant when she was arrested in February and sentenced to death for apostasy. She gave birth in prison and officials said her death sentence would be deferred for two years while she nursed the infant.

An appeals court ordered her release this week, the terms of which were not made public.

Wani, who is also Christian, told The Guardian that the family wanted to start a new life in the U.S.

Sources: BBC News, The Guardian


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