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Substitute Teacher, Fired After Giving Bible To Student, Wins Ruling (Video)

The Phillipsburg School District in New Jersey fired substitute teacher Walt Tutka after he gave a student a Bible in October 2012.

Tutka claimed that a boy had asked him about a verse that he (Tutka) had quoted from the Bible. The student asked him where it was in the Bible, so Tutka showed him in his Bible. The student told Tutka that he didn't own the Good Book, so Tutka gave him his Bible.

The Phillipsburg School Board terminated Tutka after school district officials claimed that he refused to meet with them about the Bible giveaway, noted

However, Tutka claimed he tried to meet with school administrators, but they refused to allow him to bring a third party to the meeting. Tutka believed that he was discriminated against because of his Christian beliefs.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled on Dec.15, 2014, that "there is reasonable cause to believe that (the district) has discriminated against (Tutka) on the basis of religion and retaliation."

The Liberty Institute, a Christian law firm that represents Tutka, announced the EEOC's decision this week in a press release.

"I am so thankful that the EEOC has sided with me after finally reviewing my case, and I look forward to a positive resolution with the school district that allows me to return to serving our nation's most valuable resource, our students," Tutka said in the press release.

Liberty Institute lawyer Hiram Sasser told CitizenLink this week (video below) that Tutka is a member of the Gideons International, a Christian group that hands out free Bibles, but added that Tutka doesn't normally hand out Bibles at school.

But the school district may not be giving up.

School district attorney Howard Mankoff said in an email to, "The school district disagrees with the EEOC's conclusion, which can be challenged in court, and the school district is considering its options in this regard."

Sources:, Liberty Institute,, CitizenLink
Image Credit: CitizenLink Screenshot


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