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Study: One Third of Americans Believe God Decides the Super Bowl

It's the type of survey that would give atheist Richard Dawkins a heart attack.

According to a new study by the Public Religion Research Institute, about three in 10 Americans believe that God decides the results of sporting events, including today's Super Bowl.

53 percent believe that God rewards athletes for their faith with good health and success, while 42 percent disagree, according to

27 percent said that God takes a direct role in sporting events, and determines the winner, even though this is never mentioned once in the bible.

The idea of God deciding the winner is believed to be true by 40 percent of ethnic minority Christians and 38 percent of white evangelical Protestants. Republicans, Democrats and independents all agreed that God manipulates the game.

72 percent of ethnic minority Christians believe athletes are rewarded with health and success, as do 67 percent of white evangelical Protestants and 56 percent of Catholics. 34 percent of religiously unaffiliated Americans also agree that God rewards religious athletes.

When it comes to Tebowing, half of Americans support public expression of faith during sport competitions, to only 4 percent who frown on it. 76 percent said that public high schools should be allowed to sponsor prayer before football games.

26 percent of Americans say that on any Sunday they are more likely to be in church, while 17 percent say that they are likely to be watching football. 36% are more likely doing neither, while 21 percent say they are more likely to be doing both.



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