Student Who Claimed Teacher Denied God Is Contradicted By Other Students

Jordan Wooley, a 12-year-old student in Katy, Texas, has become a celebrity among the Religious Right after claiming in front of her local school board on Oct. 26 that her teacher told her that God was not real.

However, the Katy Independent School District (ISD) told announced on Oct. 29 that Wooley's version of the story doesn't match the claims of other students, notes ABC 13.

The ISD has interviewed eight of 22 students who were in Wooley's class about the teacher's assignment on critical thinking.

The students were reportedly told to read statements on a worksheet and choose whether or not each statement was a fact, opinion or common assertion. One of the statement's was: "There is a God."

Wooley chose fact or opinion, but her teacher told her it was a common assertion, and allegedly told her God wasn't real, which the ISD denied.

"Those assertions were not corroborated by the other students," Katy ISD Superintendent Alton Frailey said at a press conference.

Wooley's mother Chantel told KHOU that her daughter was graded against her faith in God, but the grading claim was also denied by ISD.

"Was the activity graded?" Frailey said, notes ABC 13. "It was not graded. Was it 40 percent of their grade? Absolutely not. Were the students told they have to deny God? No one corroborated that, at all."

Despite the multiple witnesses and the ISD's statement, Chantel stood by her daughter's unproven claims.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas lent his support to Wooley on Twitter on Oct. 28: "I'm inviting this 7th-grader to TX Governor's Mansion to thank her for having the courage of her convictions."

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham praised Wooley on Facebook on Oct. 29: "Jordan’s story has now been in the national news and she’s even testified before her school district’s Board of Education. I'm thankful for young people like this who will speak up for their belief in God and His Son, Jesus Christ. That’s a lesson all of us can learn from!"

Sources: ABC 13, Facebook, Twitter, KHOU / Photo Credit: ABC 13 Screenshot


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