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Student Warned by Teacher for Carrying Bible in School (Video)

Missouri mom Angela English says her daughter Kiela was reprimanded by a teacher at Potosi High School for carrying a Bible and talking about religion with another student on Wednesday.

“Her friend had her Bible out and both of them were reading a passage in their heads and were talking back-and-forth about the reading,” Angela (pictured) told the Daily Journal Online.

“A teacher called them over and told them that they had to put it away, that this wasn’t the place, that they can’t be pushing their religion on people," added Angela. "They weren’t pushing religion. They were just discussing it privately.”

In response, Angela organized a pro-Bible protest on Facebook that encouraged  students to carry Bibles to school on Thursday.

"We've asked the children to bring the Bibles and carry it, not preach and shove religion in their face but to show they have the right to carry the Bible," Angela told KMOV (video below).

Potosi R-3 Superintendent Randy Davis met with Angela on Thursday morning.

"He said he would speak to the teacher and that nobody could tell my daughter she couldn’t carry her Bible," Angela stated. "He said if she had any other problems or anyone giving her any kind of grief about carrying her Bible then to go personally to him and he would handle it.”

Davis said in a statement, "We firmly believe in freedom of religion and students practicing their religion, their faith. If all students wish to bring their Bible, read it and practice their faith, we would have no concern with that at all."

"Now that we have talked to the student and the parent, we’ve taken the information and we’re going to investigate a little bit further. It may be a story that could have been taken care of quickly with communication.”

Sources: Daily Journal Online and KMOV


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