Student Says Bible is Nonfiction, Teacher Says It Is Not


An unidentified teacher at Margarita Middle School in Temecula, Calif. reportedly told his students to read a nonfiction book every night for 30 minutes. The students then had to bring the nonfiction book to class.

One student read and brought his Bible to class, which the teacher did not accept for the assignment.

“The teacher said, ‘That’s not a nonfiction book,’” attorney Bob Tyler of Advocates for Faith and Freedom told “[The student] said, ‘Well, honestly, I believe it is a nonfiction book. The teacher then said in a sharp tone, ‘Well, I’ll get back to you.’”

The teacher then asked all of the students, "How many of you think the Bible is nonfiction?"

Apparently, all the students, except for two, raised their hands, which surprised the teacher, who did eventually give the student credit for the assignment, claimed Tyler.

However, the incident bothered the boy’s parents, who contacted Advocates for Faith and Freedom.

"This is an example of the growing hostility towards Christianity that is being displayed in our public classrooms, and we believe we must take a stand! We believe that the actions of this teacher violate the Establishment Clause, which requires the State to remain neutral on issues of religion," Tyler stated on the Faith On Trial Radio website.

Tyler is going to send a letter to the school warning them of their supposed bullying against Christians.

Sources: and Faith On Trial Radio


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