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Student Pastor Alyssa Shull Claims Satan is Using Beyonce for his Kingdom

Alyssa Shull, a student pastor and the founder of ‘The Pink Lid’ (a purity conference for teen girls), recently claimed that Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl was "soft porn" and part of the "devil’s ploys."

She also claimed that Beyonce was causing men to stumble by "displaying her body."

In an article for, she wrote:

Hear me out here, to me, her performance was soft porn. I wouldn’t want my (future) sons and daughters to ever see a performance like that. My sons, because it was completely sexual, and I don’t want those images in their minds. My daughters, because I don’t want them to think that to be an attractive women you have to look, dress or act like that.

Beyonce has this beautiful gift, that the enemy (Satan) has twisted to use for his kingdom. Beyoncé was born into a Christian family and she said in one her first popular songs, Survivor, “I’m not gon’ compromise my Christianity (I’m better than that)."

The way Beyonce is displaying her body to people causes men to stumble and influences women to follow her behavior.

Girls, we need to be aware of the devil’s ploys so we can resist them!



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