Street Preachers Yell At Gay Nightclub Patrons (Video)

Some street preachers were recently filmed outside Score, a gay club in Miami, shouting at people who were walking by and at patrons going into the establishment (video below).

The videos, entitled "South Beach Gay Club REBUKE!!!," posted on YouTube by PreachingSquad, show the evangelists warning people of their sins via loudspeakers. There is also a man carrying a sign outside the nightclub.

"You need to stop sinning," one preacher says.

"That finger right there, one day right there, you're gonna have to give an account one day to God," the preacher adds. "You're gonna be in hell one day praying, and nobody is gonna hear you because you refused, you rejected."

Moments later, he preaches at passersby:

You need to stop living in sin, man, living in sin. Ladies, you need to dress modest, stop walking around half naked, stop walking around half naked! Hey, you should go home and repent bro. Stop wearing tight clothes man, that's for a woman, you're a man. Listen, one day you're going to die and give an account for every action, every deed and we're here to torment you until you repent one day.

The doorman at the club gives the preacher the finger, and then the double-finger.

According to Joe My God, many of the customers ignored the preachers, but some got up in their faces. The blog adds that there was a heterosexual strip club nearby, but the evangelists only preached outside the gay club.

Miami.com reported in 2013 that Score had been in the area for 15 years, and moved to a larger location where it now has a club within the club called TRADE.

At the time of the move, Score co-owner Luis Morera told the news site: "It is sad and exciting all at the same time. It's sad because Lincoln Road is where it all began; however, it is really exciting to show the world the next evolution of nightlife, especially as it relates to our new club, TRADE."

Score featured performances by Lady Gaga in 2008 and 2010.

Sources: Joe My God, Miami.com / Photo credit: PreachingSquad/YouTube

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