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Street Preacher Yells At Students, Cops Stop Her (Video)

Angela Cummings, a self-described "loving street preacher," posted a video (below) on YouTube May 23 of herself yelling at students outside Scotia-Glenville High School in Scotia, New York.

In the video, Cummings screams at the kids:

How many of you are angels or demons out here? How many of you are right with God and going to heaven if you die? How many of you, if a ISIS bomber showed up, would you go to heaven?

The Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge! Many of you don’t have knowledge! You watch too much MTV, gangster music, and you live for the devil! Some of you even smoke pot! It’s time to repent!

Cummings is interrupted by a school official, but Cummings shouts that she is on a public sidewalk and keeps yelling at the kids, notes Raw Story.

"This Bible is what you need!" Cummings yells. "You kids need a Bible! Next year, Obama is going to let you men, you young men, use the girls’ bathroom! It’s time for you to start homeschooling! Just yesterday a girl had sex in the bathroom in a high school with 28--."

"Why are you using vulgar comments to my students?" the school official interrupts. "Shut your mouth about sex in the bathroom!"

"There is sex in the bathroom in high schools!" Cummings hollers.

"Not in this school!" the school official counters. "Not in this school! Get your facts right about this school! You're embarrassing yourself and you're bothering my kids!"

"You need anger management!" Cummings replies.

At this point, two police officers walk up, and one of the cops tells Cummings that she is committing "disorderly conduct."

The cop asks for Cummings for her ID, but she keeps preaching at the kids.

The police tell Cummings that she has to speak at a normal tone and inform her that she is on the school's private property.

The school official confronts Cummings again and she accuses him of getting violent.

Cummings keeps preaching as she walks across from the school, but the cop tells her that she is still on private property.

Cummings tells some girls nearby that God calls them a "fool" in the Bible, and the cop tells her to go to public property.

Cummings walks another sidewalk and keeps yelling at the kids from across the street.

The cop walks over and informs Cummings that she has to move her car or get it towed.

Cummings also posted a video May 15 of herself preaching inside a Target store in Queensbury, New York, noted NEWS10 ABC.

"Attention Target shoppers, I hear that you are allowing men to go in the little girls' bathroom!" Cummings yelled while a friend filmed her. "God Almighty is angry with Target! Target is an abomination!"

Sources: Raw Story, NEWS10 ABC / Photo credit: Angela Cummings/YouTube

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