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Stolen Jesus Statue Returned to Toronto Church

A begging Jesus statue was returned to a Toronto church Thursday morning with a note saying that it had seemed like a good idea to steal the statue at the time.

The statue was stolen on Nov. 30 from the Church of St. Stephen-in-the-Fields, a target because of Pope Francis’ blessing of it in November.

“We are very happy,” Rev. Maggie Helwig said of its return. “I’m glad that whoever took it did the right thing in the end.”

Helwig said the note appeared to be written by the thief.

“I’m sorry, it seemed like a good idea at the time,” the note read.

Timothy Schmalz, the artist who created the begging Jesus statue, was filled with dread when the statue was originally stolen in broad daylight. He was glad to know that it had returned.

Schmalz added that its return shows how Toronto is an amazing city, and that in any other city the statue would never have been returned.

Helwig added that the community is glad to have the statue back, and that people often walk by to pat its head.

Sources: The Star, UPI


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