Steve Harvey Mocks Atheist, Plugs Televangelist (Video)


Talk show host Steve Harvey brought a couple on his program on July 11 to advise them about their relationship: the husband is an atheist and the wife is a Christian (video below).

Additionally, Harvey brought on televangelist Paula White, who is a spiritual advisor of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The Friendly Atheist notes that the husband told Harvey how he (the husband) has not witnessed any Biblical miracles such as water being turned into wine, has not been to heaven or hell, and does not know anyone who has made the journey.

In response, Harvey told the husband:

Part of the problem, York, is you wasn’t paying attention in Sunday school. See, it’s some basics. See, you don’t know nobody that have been to heaven or hell and come back because it ain’t a round trip. You see? Only one-way tickets. You can punch a ticket. You get to choose.

You get to actually have a say-so in where you go. There ain't no round trip. Ain't nobody coming back gonna tell you: "Man, I was on the streets of gold, let me tell you, I was sitting over there. It was crazy man because I was just sitting up under a tree and Jesus came through the park."

Ain't nobody got that story dog. See, you waiting on the wrong thing. You’re looking for somebody that have been dead and come back, and you’re waiting on some water to get turned into wine, and somebody to run across a lake. Ain’t none of that fitting to happen.

According to the Bible, John entered heaven in a vision in Revelation Chapter 4 and described seeing crowns of gold among other things.

In the same program, Harvey brought on White, who advised the couple.

According to POLITICO, White has known Trump for years and helped put together the spiritual advisory board for his campaign.

White, who heads the New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, offered people an Easter Sunday deliverance for donations, or what she referred to as "resurrection seed," reported The Christian Post in April:

There's someone that God is speaking to, to click on that donation button by minimizing the screen. And when you do to sow $1,144. It's not often I ask very specifically but God has instructed me and I want you to hear. This isn't for everyone but this is for someone. When you sow that $1,144 based on John 11:44 I believe for resurrection life.

You say, Paula, I just don't have that, then sow $144. I don't have that. Sow $44 but stand on John Chapter 11:44.

White said that donors would receive anointed prayer cloths:

And when you do, there are prayer cloths that we have anointed that we have prayed over, that are going to be a point of contact. In Acts 19, the Bible says, Paul prayed over these prayer cloths and they brought forth special miracles, signs and wonders.

There have been times that I have taken prayer cloths that have been anointed as a point of contact. I put them in my loved ones' sneakers, I put them under their bed. I put them on parts of my body that I believe God for healing.

Sources: Friendly Atheist, The Christian Post, POLITICO / Photo credit: Steve Harvey/YouTube

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