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Stephen Baskerville, Professor At Patrick Henry College, Says Rape, Domestic Violence, Bullying Not Real Crimes

A professor at the Christian Patrick Henry College gave a revealing glimpse last Friday into how conservative, fundamentalist Christians view sex crimes, and it is very different from the view reflected in most current laws.

In the view of Stephen Baskerville, who delivered the school’s annual “Faith and Reason Lecture,” — the most prestigious lecture of the school’s year at which student attendance is required — such “gender crimes” as rape, child abuse, stalking and domestic violence are not crimes at all.

Instead, these offenses, generally considered extremely serious, are the invention of “militants.” Perhaps, Baskerville suggested, a conspiracy between “Islamists and feminists” has created this new category of crime.

The crime usually begins as some new sexual freedom demanded in strident terms as necessary to liberate women from some form of ‘oppression,’” said Baskerville (pictured), who has been a professor of government at the school since 2007. “Though crucially, the new freedom is also enticing to men, especially young men with strong libidos and few responsibilities.”

In this way, he said, women entrap by offering sex and then later claiming rape. “Recreational sex in the evening turns into accusations of ‘rape’ in the morning, even when it was entirely consensual,” he said.

Baskerville also decries the fact that “child abuse” is now a crime when in fact it is “routine parental discipline, or homeschooling.”

Sexual harassment in the workplace, Baskerville said, is caused by “demands for access to workplaces, universities, the military, and other previously male venues” by women who then claim harassment against men when workplace relationships “inevitably develop (and often turn sour).”

Baskerville also dismissed accusations of bullying as nothing more than “the homosexual agenda” at work.

“The demanded right to engage in homosexual acts and public sexual displays translates almost automatically into the power to arrest or otherwise stop the mouths of preachers, ‘bullies,’ and anyone else who objects or ridicules or offends the ‘feelings’ or ‘pride’ of homosexuals,” he explained.

“Stalking,” in Baskerville’s view, is likely to involve “forcibly divorced fathers trying to see their own children.”

According to one former student, however, Baskerville’s views did not reflect the prevailing opinions at conservative, Christian school.

“I was disturbed and saddened that PHC would endorse views like these in such a prominent forum,” wrote David Sessions on the religion web site Patrol Magazine.  “To say it was beneath the standards of charity, evidence and logical rigor students at PHC should expect from their professors would be an understatement.”

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