Stenographer Claims Outburst in Congress was From God (Video)


Dianne Reidy, the stenographer who was ejected from the House of Representatives on Oct. 17, 2013, has released a strange video with her husband Dan explaining her bizarre outburst.

"God will not be mocked," Dianne said on the House floor in 2013. "This is not one nation under God, it never was."

"You cannot serve two masters," yelled Dianne as she was pulled away from a microphone. "Praise be to Jesus Christ."

At the time of the incident, her doctor claimed that she suffered from psychosis, noted Fox News.

Appearing with her husband in the video, Dianne claimed this was the fourth time that God “has just put on my heart to speak."

Dianne said the other three times when this has happened were at "a friend's funeral, a reunion with her father, and while speaking with a homeless man in D.C.," noted UPI.

“I did not lose my mind, I did not have a breakdown,” claimed Dianne.

"I remember just getting up to the podium," added Dianne. "After saying 'God will not be mocked,' I don't have a memory of anything else that was said that evening until I was escorted off the floor."

Dan assured viewers that God was speaking through Dianne via various verses about prophecy in the Bible.

Dan said the U.S. claims to be a "nation under God," but there is no national religion.

Sources: UPI and Fox News


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