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Starbucks Responds To Christian Anger Over No 'Merry Christmas' On Cups (Video)

Former pastor Joshua Feuerstein posted a video (below) on Facebook on Nov. 5 that has garnered more than 12 million views. The video shows the outspoken Christian expressing his rage over coffee chain Starbucks not including the words "Merry Christmas" on its holiday cups.

Feuerstein then brags about how he gave his name as "Merry Christmas" so the Starbucks workers would have to write the phrase on the cup. He also boasted about taking his gun with him to the store.

Feuerstein wrote on Facebook, "Starbucks REMOVED CHRISTMAS from their cups because they hate Jesus ... SO I PRANKED THEM ... and they HATE IT!!!! #share Use #MERRYCHRISTMASSTARBUCKS."

Other Christians jumped on the bandwagon and posted online pictures of their Starbucks cups with "Merry Christmas" scrawled on them.

"I think Starbucks has gotten the message that the Christian majority in this country has awakened and are demanding that our voice be heard," Feuerstein said in an email to CNN Money.

In response, a Starbucks representative told E! News: "In response to the video, our core values as a company is to create a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity. Each year during the holidays we aim to bring our customers an experience that inspires the spirit of the season and we will continue to embrace and welcome customers from all backgrounds and religions in our stores around the world."

Sources: Joshua Feuerstein/Facebook, CNN Money, E! News / Photo Credit: Joshua Feuerstein/Facebook Screenshot


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