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'Stand With Scouts Sunday' Opposes Gays in Boy Scouts (Video)

Earlier this year, the Boy Scouts of America announced it would make a decision about allowing gays into the organization by the end of May.

In response, as noted by Salt Lake City Tribune, the Christian-based Family Research Council has created "Stand With Scouts Sunday" to pressure the Boy Scouts not to allow them to join.

The website invites folks to watch their webcast on Sunday May 5, which will tell people how they can "preserve scouting as its founders envisioned it - as a resource for young men to develop in morally, mentally, and physically healthy ways, free to be boys and teens without the invasion of cultural controversies."

Stand With Scouts Sunday also encourages people to contact their local Boy Scout council,  ask their pastor to preach against gays in the Boy Scouts and give away anti-gay materials in church.

The organization also encourages people to place anti-gay Boy Scout ads in their local papers and provides a sample ad.

The Family Research Council's website is offering an anti-gay scout brochure entitled: "Standing on the Oath, Don't Change the Membership Standards" for a small donation.

Finally, there is Stand With Scouts Sunday video (below), which touts former Boy Scouts such as William Bennett, who had a multimillion dollar gambling addiction.

The video warns: "Big liberal-minded corporation are using their contributions to force the Boy Scouts to march in step with the corporate elite's politically correct corporate agenda."

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