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St. Louis Hate Crime: Star of David Carved into Muslim Man's Back

An online political magazine, FrontPage Magazine, recently published a photo of a Muslim man, Alaa Alsaegh, with a Star of David, carved into his back (below). KMOV News 4 interviewed Alsaegh, who says two cars followed him and cut him off.

Alsaegh says he pulled over and two men got out of a car, armed with a handgun. They reportedly got into Alsaegh's car and attacked him with a knife.

Alsaegh is a Muslim immigrant from Iraq who recently posted an Arabic language poem titled 'Tears at the Heart of the Holocaust' on the website, expressing support for Jewish people in Israel. Alsaegh says that his attackers told him not to publish any more poems.

St Louis Police confirm that officers responded to a call for help around 10:45 a.m. on August 14th. FBI spokeswoman Rebecca Wu said of the case: "The FBI cannot comment."


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