Southern Baptist Official Tells Wives to Submit to Husbands, Works in D.C. While Wife Lives in Nashville


Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Liberty Commission (ERLC), recently warned couples not to consider themselves equal partners.

“Often, I think, the gospel is obscured because God has designed a picture of the gospel in the one-flesh union of husband and wife, when that is broken down, you have a false gospel that is being preached,” stated Moore in an interview with Mark Dever of 9Marks Ministries, reports

“Sometimes you have people who are preaching a false gospel to themselves in their homes by men who aren’t loving their wives as themselves and wives who aren’t submitting to their husbands,” Moore said. “That then plays itself out in other ways later on in that person’s walk with Christ.”

When it came to his own marriage, Moore said that he spends most of his time at ERLC’s Washington D.C. office, while his wife and five children live in Nashville, Tenn.

“In our marriage, the way we relate to one another, we’re able to maintain a close, intimate relationship and find ways to do this," claimed Moore. "And also with the children, what does that look like? I typically will take one of my sons with me when I’m on a short trip. I won’t take them on something that’s going to be long and laborious and boring.”

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