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Southern Baptist Leader Richard Land Says Homosexuals are Going After 'Cultural Icons' (Audio)

During a radio interview with the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, Richard Land, President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, claimed that homosexuals are going after the "cultural icons of our culture" such as the Boy Scouts, Disney and the U. S. military (audio below), reports

“They do not believe in a live and let live philosophy,” Land said. “Let’s be very clear about what their agenda is, their agenda is to have the homosexual lifestyle affirmed by society as healthy and normal and as a perfectly acceptable to young people and to have those who disagree with that ostracized the level of being Ku Klux Klansmen.

“The Boy Scouts are an icon and so the homosexual activists have gone after the icons, the cultural icons of our culture. They’ve gone after the military, the most admired institution in American society, the American military; they’ve gone after Disney, the family-friendly, supposedly,  network and family-friendly entertainment venture; they’ve gone after marriage, what can be holier than marriage?

“And now they’re going after the Boy Scouts, nothing is more American than Apple Pie than Boy Scouts. They’re after every front.”



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