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South Carolina Rally Scheduled To Bring Prayer Back To Schools

A rally scheduled for April 19 at New Ebenezer Baptist Church in Florence, South Carolina, is expected to gather hundreds of people, says the Pee Dee Put Prayer Back In School Committee.

"We need to bring prayer back into school, bring devotionals back into school. Whatever it takes we need to do it. Teach our kids the Ten Commandments, put morality back. We've just drifted away from everything that's important," said Pat Gibson-Hye Moore when she started the organization after being told she can no longer pray aloud during school board meeting, reports Carolina Live.

"It's a spirit within me. When I pray in there it's not that I'm that brave — that I just want to do that. It's something that won't let me stop. It's an assignment that I have to fulfill," she said.

This upcoming rally is the first of two scheduled, with the final one being held at the Statehouse in Columbia on April 25, where Moore’s group is expecting thousands.

"This is America. Just because you walk on school grounds or anywhere else you still have First Amendment Rights. You're still protected by the Constitution of the United States," said Rev. Michael Parnell, Chairman of the Put Prayer Back In School Committee, who feels people are granted the inalienable right to pray in any situation by the First Amendment.

"We've gotten a petition of almost 25,000 names and counting. And we're gonna take this petition. And we're gonna draft a bill. And we're going to do our best in South Carolina to protect our teachers and defend our teachers," said Chesterfield County Representative Richard Yow.

Moore is ready to lead the charge against the 1962 Supreme Court ruling that decided that government-sanctioned prayer in schools violated the First Amendment. She is hoping these rallies and marches will help gather the support and awareness needed to get prayer back into schools.

"God, we need you. Our children need you,” she said.

“People please let's come together. Contact me. Let's organize. Let's mobilize. Let's bring God back into the lives of our children."

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Photo Source: Cassidy Lancaster/Flickr


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