South Carolina Mayor Slams Gay Marriage, Gays, Compares Self to Jesus (Video)


West Union, S.C. Mayor Linda Oliver recently slammed gay marriage and homosexuals on her Facebook page, generating outrage and a recall effort to kick her out of office.

Oliver was upset about an official in Buncombe County, N.C. granting marriage licenses to 11 same sex couples even though North Carolina has not legalized gay marriage, reported the Charlotte Observer.

According, Oliver used the "Q-word" to describe homosexuals on her Facebook page:

What's it gonna take to get these q----- to realize they don't need a piece of paper. God will not bless their union because he plainly speaks against q----- in the Bible. Want to cover your queer with insurance? Buy a policy. Want your q---- to get your stuff when you die? Make a will.

Oliver defended her stance to Fox Carolina (video below): "I don't want it rammed down my throat. All I can say is if people want to crucify me that's fine. I know that following Jesus, I'm going to be crucified. And I got lambasted because I quoted the bible and stuff like that on Facebook and that's the way I feel."

"I have apologized, it's on there if people would just read the feed. They're focusing on the word q---- and I apologized for that. If people would read the whole thing they'll see that I plainly said I will not say that anymore, I'll say homosexual," added Oliver.

The mayor claims that she is now a victim because there is now a "Recall West Union, SC Mayor Linda Oliver" Facebook page.

"What I'm emotional about is because my feelings, the way I feel toward homosexuals is how I've been brought up." added Oliver.

Sources:, Fox Carolina, Facebook,Charlotte Observer


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