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South Carolina Couple Discovers 'Sign From God' In Wake Of Devastating Flood

A South Carolina couple says after their house was flooded, they discovered a "sign from God" upon returning home.

After returning to their home after floodwaters destroyed almost everything inside their home, the Pierce family realized two items were spared, WACH reports.

On Oct. 4, residents of Columbia, South Carolina, experienced one of the worst natural disasters since Hurricane Hugo in 1989, according to the Cheraw Chronicle. Hundreds of residents were left homeless after the flood destroyed their homes.

Cynthia Pierce and her husband had lived in their house for 27 years. When it began to flood, the couple only had time to take medication, a purse and a change of clothes before evacuating. Floodwaters reached nearly 5 feet high in the house.

"Most of the furniture was overturned and completely wet and saturated," Pierce told WACH.

Despite all the damage, Pierce noted that two items remained dry and untouched by the floodwaters. Although most of their furniture had turned upside down in the flood, the husband's Bible was untouched on top of the chair it had been resting upon.

"When we came back, it was dry, so apparently that chair went up with the water and came right back down," Pierce said.

Pierce had written a check to place in the church offering before the floodwaters invaded their home, which was also untouched. The check was on top of other items that the couple was planning on bringing to church that day.

"The table that those items were on apparently went up with the water and came down because that was dry," Pierce said.

The house, unfortunately, needed to be gutted. Similar to many Columbia homeowners, almost everything they owned was destroyed.

"It is hard to watch it walk out the door and leave your life forever," Pierce said.

Nevertheless, those two undamaged items helped the Pierce family believe that they are not alone.

"God has been so precious to us, and he is walking with us through this, and we know that every day we are facing is not going to be easy, but we are clinging to our faith and our God," Pierce said.

Sources: WACH, Cheraw Chronicle / Photo credit: Fox San Antonio, carl & tracy gossett/Flickr


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