Some Credit God's Judgment For California Dam Danger

After a week of steadily increasing water levels in Lake Oroville, Feb. 12 saw mass evacuations in areas of Northern California due to officials' concerns about the Oroville Dam failing.

More than 100,000 people living below the dam evacuated, notes the Los Angeles Times.

Some on Facebook saw the evacuations and potential disaster as God's divine judgment on California for various reasons, including not supporting President Donald Trump, notes the Friendly Atheist:

Oh well. They offended God. You reap what you sow.

Can't help but think that the earth of god is upon you.

Hey California!!!!! Looks like you made need TRUMPS help? Just maybe God haves something to do with this?

Breaking in California. I think God is punishing them. If he is not I don't know what is.


This is what happened when you go against GODS chosen commander in Chief!!!!

California flaunts its independence in God's face for 168 years. I hope they turn to him, not government aid to rescue them... his mercies are new every morning. Great is thy faithfulness, o Lord.

Maybe just maybe... God's punishment for Liberal California State government.

According to the Los Angeles Times, record storms increased the water levels at Lake Oroville. Officials found a break in the dam's emergency spillway, which they rushed to repair because of concerns that a spillway failure could cause a significant amount of water to hit the Feather River, which would subsequently flood Oroville and surrounding areas below the dam.

The danger appeared to have subsided on the evening of Feb. 12, but one evacuee, Erin Smith, said she would be skeptical of official declarations saying that it was safe to return to her home.

"I don't think I would go down to stay," Smith told the newspaper. "I would go down to prep more."

Smith indicated she would only return home after doing a personal examination of the dam.

"It's questionable," Smith added. "I want to see what the spillway looks like. I don't like taking people's word."

Sources: Friendly Atheist, Los Angeles Times (2) / Photo Credit: California Department of Water Resources/Wikimedia

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