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Some Americans Want 'Religious Cleansing' of Christians, Claims Christian Law Group (Video)

The phrase "religious cleansing" is normally associated with mass killings based on religious identification.

According to the BBC, Christians and Catholics are currently suffering religious cleansing at the hands Michel Djotodia's new government in the Central African Republic. There also reports of religious cleansing taking place in Maaloula, Syria, notes

However, the Christian conservative Liberty Counsel recently claimed there are Americans who want "religious cleansing" to happen to Christians in the U.S., reports (video below).

"What we're finding is that we have a very loud, very powerful minority of quote progressive secularists and separatists, those who want to separate, remove any reference to God, not just any God, the God, the Christian God, Jehovah, the Creator of the universe," said Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel.

"They want Him removed from any public forum," claimed Barber. "There's a word for that. That's tyranny and it's called tyranny of the minority and that's what we're living under right now, a tyranny of a secularist minority that wants to engage in religious cleansing."

While Barber did not specifically name who these people who "want to engage in religious cleansing," he may have been referring to Americans who peacefully and lawfully go to court to stop the public displays of Christianity on public property that are funded by taxpayer money.

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