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Small Oklahoma Town Puts Up 1,000 Pound Ten Commandments Monuments

A group of Christians in Rush Springs, Oklahoma worked with a resident and local business owner to install two Ten Commandments monuments outside his business.

The monuments were placed outside the Gibbs Professional Building, owned by Duane Gibbs, on Friday. A committee made up of Gibbs, members of the Vimy Ridge Baptist Church and other community members spent about two weeks planning the monuments. The goal was to have the monuments installed before the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival, which happened Saturday.

“They are beautiful,” Gibbs said. “I think everybody in Rush Springs is probably a Christian. Or at least they are a veteran or Baptist or Catholic or Presbyterian,” he said, reports News OK.

The monument is just six feet from a public road, but city councilman Richard McCormack says that they sit on Gibb’s private property. McCormack helped the church with the planning, reports Chickasha News.

“The City Council is very supportive of it,” he said. “We have ‘In God We Trust’ on our city trucks. We don’t feel there is anything wrong with it, the Ten Commandments are part of the foundation and bedrock of all our laws.”

“Everything has been just wonderful; there has been no negative things said about it,” Gibbs said.

The move was not a reaction to the Oklahoma Supreme Court decision in June that said that the Ten Commandments could not be on government property, Gibbs said.

“This was our idea even prior to what happened in Oklahoma City,” Gibbs said. “Very few people on the committee even knew about anything that happened up there. Our monument was strictly a community desire.”

“It’s on a piece of property – I think it’s probably a private piece of property – that way all the gripers and complainers don’t have a leg to stand on,” said Bill Crowdis, owner of Jones Monument Co. who did the lettering on the monument.

Crowdis said that the monuments are about five feet in height, 32 inches wide, and weigh about 1,000 pounds each

Gibbs would not say how much the monuments cost and Crowdis refused to give an estimate.

“I gave them as good a deal as I could do because they’re a good bunch of folks,” Crowdis said.

Sources: News OK, Chickasha News

Photo Credit: Step / Flickr


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