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Six Muslim Siblings Headed to Jail for Elaborate Kidnapping Attempt of Lesbian Sister's Partner (Video)

After discovering that their sister was in a lesbian relationship, six Muslim siblings plotted and almost carried out an elaborate plot to kidnap her partner, and now, those siblings are all going to be spending time in jail.

Her partner’s siblings ambushed 35-year-old Sarah Harrison as she was leaving her job. Atfah Ditta, 32, Ghazala Ditta, 31, Nighat Morris, 38, and Tahmoor Ditta, 26, all confronted Harrison as she was leaving work, threatened her with a sharp object, and then brutally beat her in public. The group tried to drag her into their car to kidnap her, but they were unable to carry through, so they eventually left the scene.

"Your anger that a white non-Muslim woman was in a relationship with your sister brought your determination to destroy that relationship and force your choices on her and her partner, said Judge Graham Knowles to the siblings in court. "This case is about power and control. It is about striking fear into the heart in order to control not just the body but also the will. You all came to know about the relationship and were determined to end it and were determined to get her back in the family home to please your mother. The intention was to cause your sister to leave her for good and if possible to find where you sister was. A brutal and sustained group attack took place. How she found the strength and skill to keep out of the car I do not know, but she found it."

The sister, 28-year-old Nazma Ditta, was actually living with Harrison at the time, and the family had reportedly been trying to find out where. In keeping with their Muslim tradition, the family had an arranged marriage set up between Ditta and a cousin, but Ditta knew she was gay and just wanted to be with Harrison. The siblings had reportedly planned the attack via text message, and during the brutal kidnapping attempt, the family reportedly yelled, “Get her in, get her in, you've messed with the wrong Muslims, we're going to kill you."

Two other siblings, Tosif Ditta, 35, and Nayyar Mehmood, 37, were also charged with conspiring the kidnapping attempt. Another sibling who was not involved is reportedly estranged from the family, as he himself is gay.

Now, all six siblings involved have been sentenced to jail for nearly five years each for the terrible attack. Their mother was initially charged because it was believed that she had a part in planning everything, but the charges against her were dropped.

"As today's sentences demonstrate, offences of this nature will be thoroughly investigated and those people responsible will be brought to justice,” said Judge Graham following the sentencing. “I hope today's result brings both the victim and her partner some closure so that they can get on with their lives after this horrendous ordeal."

Watch CCTV video of the attack below.


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