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Sistine Chapel Tourists to be Vacuumed

Vatican authorities recently announced that they are installing a vacuum cleaning system in the 500-year-old Sistine Chapel to clean visitors.

­The special equipment will be installed in 2013 at the entrance to the Sistine Chapel, reports the Italian Corriere della Sera newspaper.

Antonio Paolucci, Director of the Vatican Museum,  told Italian Corriere della Sera: “The vacuum cleaner will guarantee that all visitors will be clean of dust and other fibers and it will also take away excessive moisture such as sweat. It would involve a system along the final 100 meters before entering the Sistine Chapel which would suck up dust and other debris from people's shoes."

“At the same time side vents would also draw in dust from clothes and also excessive humidity and dampness from people, in other words sweat, to keep them cool because all these factors combined can damage the frescoes. They are the biggest enemies of artworks.”

The Sistine Chapel is one of the most visited attractions inside Italy with four million tourists every year to see artwork by Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Perugino and others.


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