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Sikh Man Who Took Off Turban To Help Injured Boy Gets Surprise From Strangers (Video)

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A Sikh man in New Zealand who removed his turban to help an injured boy got a major surprise when a group of strangers returned the favor in a big way.

Harman Singh, a 22-year-old Auckland man, heard wheels screech outside of his home and ran out to find Daejon Pahia on the ground hit by a car.

“I saw a child down on the ground and a lady was holding him,” Singh said. “His head was bleeding, so I unveiled my turban and put it under his head. I wasn't thinking about the turban. I was thinking about the accident and I just thought, 'He needs something on his head because he's bleeding.' That's my job — to help. And I think anyone else would have done the same as me."

Breaking a religious rule to help a child in need earned Singh praise from people throughout the world when the story went viral. 

Following the selfless incident, local television crews began visiting Singh’s home to conduct interviews with him. Viewers started to get a glimpse of his living situation, which included a significant lack of furniture.

In response, a New Zealand news network sought the help of a local furniture store to improve Singh’s living conditions. They surprised him at his home with a new bed, sofa, chair and coffee table in tow. 

“This the biggest surprise of my life,” Singh said through tears. 

Watch the touching moment below.

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