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Sick Of Hearing Christians Claim "Religious Discrimination"

You want REAL religious discrimination? I mean really? How about trying to be an atheist for one day, then you'd experience REAL religious discrimination? Don't believe me, here are a few examples. 

In the states of Arkansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas, atheists are prohibited from holding public office by way of the state constitutions. I don't see anyone banning Christians from public office based on them being a Christian, now do you? 

What about Nicole Smalkowski, a girl who was suspended indefinitely for her deliberate and conscious choice to not recite the "Lord's Prayer" with her basketball team, and was later kicked off of her basketball team because of it? Furthermore, what about her father, who dropped in to pay her principal a visit, and who was attacked by her principal? If you read, her principal assaulted him first, but after police were called, it as Chuck (Nicole's father) that was charged with assault, and after he refused to leave town, it was upgraded to felony assault. Hmmm, had the Smalkowskis been of either the Christian or some other religious faith, this wouldn't have happened. 

What about this couple who was evicted from their home based on the fact their landlord found out they were atheists? What's wrong with this situation? They have to conceal their identities because they fear that they're going to be hated. Public school time devoted to mandated prayer is unconstitutional. You think this couple would have been evicted if they hadn't been atheists? Seriously, I think you'd be crazy to say that it had nothing to do with it. 

I know for certain I personally have been denied jobs because of my atheism. I just know it. I'm a well-educated, well-rounded, intelligent, (probably overly) qualified candidate for any job in my field. Unfortunately it took moving 1400 miles away from my hometown to a completely different state where nobody knew me to be able to live out my dream. For the record, I come from Texas. You think atheists are looked upon favorably there? I think not! I even had one potential employer say "you're the person we're looking for, but something doesn't sit well with me about you" (exact words). I'd bet my life that it was the fact he found out I was an atheist. 

Atheists are less accepted than homosexuals in the United States. Of course, anything less than acceptance of people regardless of religion, sexual orientation, race, nation of origin, gender, etc. is unacceptable. 

I think it's very clear the religious discrimination in the United States is NOT against Christians. It is against atheists. If you're an atheist and living in America, you are sure to have your rights trampled upon. Christians, put a sock in it. You have special treatment and rights in this country and you know it. 


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