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Should 'In God We Trust' Posters Be Allowed In Public Schools?

The Franklin County School Board in Frankfort, Kentucky has announced they will seek input from the public before allowing posters that say "In God We Trust" to be hung up in local schools.

The decision came after the board's Tuesday meeting, during which time the board discussed a request from a community member to permit teachers to hang posters that featured the motto inside classrooms, according to the State Journal

The newspaper repots that most board members were hesitant to permit teachers to hang the posters in schools out of fear that the posters could seem insensitive or polarizing to some students and teachers, particularly those who do not identify with any faith that belief in God.

Allowing posters declaring a trust in God inside the halls of public schools certainly begs the question as to whether doing so would be violation of the constitutional principle of separation of church and state.

"It's part of a bigger issue," board chairwoman Jennifer Grisham-Brown said. "There's no way we can make the whole community happy about this issue."

Should the board prohibit the posters, Grisham-Brown said, it would likely be perceived as "the board who's trying to take God out of schools."

What's more, if the board were to take a secular position on the issue, they could likely face problems down the road, around Christmas time, at which point they may be forced to make strict and clear rules about the presence of Christmas trees and Christmas songs in schools.

Since the school board has found the issue to be so complex and controversial, they have decided that input from the community is necessary.

"In the public-school classroom there is a strict separation of church and state," board member Michelle New said at the meeting on Tuesday, according to the State Journal. "Things that are hung up in the classroom should go along with the curriculum in the classroom."

Another board member, Doug Crowe, pointed out that the issue is likely to test the religious tolerance of his community. "How tolerant is this board if a member of the Muslim community comes forward and wants to put up a poster that says 'In Allah We Trust?'"

Sources: WTVQ, The State Journal

Photo credit: Patheos


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