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Should atheist bus ads not be allowed or tolerated

Is the statement, "Millions of Americans are Good Without God" on a bus advertisement sign, offensive?

To me it's not, but to many theists in Fort Worth, Texas, it seems to be. Unfortunately this is not new, whenever atheists state that yes, they exist, many find that offensive.

For some reason to even state that you don't believe in a god, is considered taboo. Some Christians in that city are thinking about organizing a boycott of the buses in Fort Worth because of these ads. In fact because of opposition from certain church leaders, Fort Worth banned from their buses any signs with a message or ad that has a religious focus. That includes ads by atheists.


Look, I know atheists are unpopular and disliked. I know that no politician can run for office by saying they are an atheist or even appear with a group of atheists! Heck, I know that atheists who served in combat are told (often by people who were nowhere near combat themselves) that they must have converted on the battlefield.

Some wonder, why even state you are an atheist? Well, to me it's simple, why state you are a libertarian or a Republican or even a Christian?

It is because you believe that more people that are part of the group you are of, is good for society. A society that despises atheists is not likely to be a society that appreciates that the government should not endorse or promote religion.

It is not likely to be a society that ensures that laws are based only on the usage of human reason and not doctrine or dogma. I appreciate hearing the views of my fellow citizens who believe in a god.

I want to know how they view the issues of the day and what is important to them.

They are just as much an American as I am. Why though is it, that atheists are supposed to be quiet on these very issues?

I can take someone disagreeing with me, I have no problem being in the minority on an issue.

But I would not be quiet on an issue that I care about and the role and influence of religion in society and government is one that I care deeply about.

Nor would I ask those who disagree with me to be silent either.


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