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Should 'Anti-Catholic' Pepsi Super Bowl Ad be Pulled?

I am trying to lose a few pounds and so while I love Doritos, I have decided to refrain from eating them for but just a few times this year. Also, out with the Pepsi. Well, Pepsi has an ad that might have ran during the Super Bowl (it won't now) that has a Christian reverend utilize Doritos and Pepsi instead of wafers and wine, for a Communion mass, or the equivalent Protestant service.

Actually, it seems that the reverend in the would be ad isn't Catholic because he has a wedding ring. Than again, in order to make up for their shortage of priests, the Catholic church is allowing Anglican clerics who are married to become Catholic priests. None of them can become bishops though, the Catholic church has drawn a hard and arbitrary line in the sand on that issue.

Anyway, some Catholics are upset at this ad, which doesn't really feature the Catholic church anyway. You would think they would do their research first. I would have to wonder though does this god of the bible not have a sense of humor, or is it just his supposed followers? Why is it any belief can be subject to even mild humor, but religious beliefs, according to some.  Atheists didn't write angry letters to the t.v. show South Park because it satirized the atheist Richard Dawkins.

 Political correctness is an overused cliche by the right-wing to attack any idea on the left. Opposition to the death penalty, support for anti-animal cruelty laws an other positions that are commonly on the political left, are often illogically called PC. But, isn't trying to remove any possible ad that does not treat religion with the utmost respect, PC?  

Why should religious beliefs get such protection from even mild criticism and humor, just because they are religious beliefs v. non-religious beliefs?  Religion has tremendous impact on society and unfortunately, many of our laws. In Alabama even, sex toys are banned, because of religious beliefs. When certain religious beliefs have that kind of impact, why should they be untouchable in any critique? This ad wasn't even trying to do that, it was just a mild humorous ad. But even that, is too much for the guardians of religious authority in America.


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