Shocker: Atheists Say Religion Should be Allowed at 9/11 Ceremony

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By David Silverman

I would like to take a moment to side with religious leaders against Mayor Bloomberg’s decision not to have religious and philosophical invocations at the 9/11 anniversary event. I think such invocations should be allowed, and I would indeed like to volunteer to give such an invocation on behalf of nonreligious people. After all, this holiday is about what happens when religion goes wrong, and theocrats take over. I’d like 30 seconds to talk about it at the event.

I know, in order to allow me to speak, we’d have the let the Christians speak too, but that’s ok, because fair is fair. It would also be fair to have the Jews, the Buddhists, and of course, the Muslims, there to give their invocations, but I am sure that will all go over well. In fact, every religion would have to have equal time to invoke their god or say something particular to their theology, but that’s OK, because if we all tried we can still keep the meaning focused on the victims and heroes of 9/11, and not on our theological positions and the differences therein.


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