Shirley Dobson Complains Obama Won't Attend Her Prayer Event, After Praying Against Him (Audio)


The upcoming 'National Day of Prayer' on May 2 is supposedly non-partisan.

However, only days after President Obama won re-election, Christian radio host Dr. James Dobson revealed that his wife Shirley Dobson asked her "prayer warriors" to pray for Obama’s defeat, reports

Shirley Dobson, who also heads up the National Day of Prayer, recently complained to Christian radio host Janet Parshall that no one from the Obama White House is going to attend the National Day of Prayer event in Washington D.C. (audio below).

According to, Shirley Dobson also made the familiar attack that "religious liberties" are under "attack," but gave no actual examples.

"Every year we call the White House, we ask how the President wants to celebrate the National Day of Prayer and we appreciate that he does give a proclamation every year and they’ve been good with proclamations proclaiming a day of prayer in our nation, but the answer comes back, ‘Well the President has decided to pray silently or pray alone’ or there’s always some excuse," said Shirley Dobson.

"So we’ll say, ‘Can somebody from his Cabinet come over and represent the executive branch so we can pray for them and pray for the President,’ and they’ve never sent anybody from the executive branch. We pray for them; we have somebody there that stands in, but it really is so sad that they have all these other special interest groups in the White House, but the Christians are not represented."

Contrary to Shirley Dobson's claim, on April 5, Obama invited Christians to his fourth annual Easter Prayer Breakfast, reported

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