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Sheriff's Cars Now Feature 'In God We Trust'

Decals that read “In God We Trust” are being placed on patrol vehicles for a Texas sheriff’s office.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has decided to add decals with the national motto, “In God We Trust,” to more than 60 patrol cars.

In November 2015, Attorney General Ken Paxton authorized emergency services vehicles to display the motto. Liberty County Sheriff Bobby Rader said that as soon as that decision was made, his office began planning ways to get donations to add the motto to their cars.

According to Rader, all employees of the sheriff’s office approved of the action.

“Not one person on staff had a complaint about it,” Rader told Dayton News. “The only concern we had was paying for them.”

Pastor Rodney Sellers of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church helped organize donations for the decals, but according to Rader, after Sgt. Brett Audilet talked to the decal company, they offered to print them for free.

Sellers said that if they had not been given the decals for free, he already had several donors willing to bring the project to life.

“People were very willing to donate money to the cause. I had received several Facebook messages and had presented the plan at a Hardin Crime Stoppers meeting,” Sellers said. “People wanted to help because they see an attack on our freedoms in general and history revisionists are trying to change the fact that our nation was founded on Christian principles.”

The addition of the decals in Liberty County comes following an identical project by the nearby Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office, who added the nation’s motto to their patrol vehicles in December 2015.

Sources: Your Houston NewsClick 2 Houston

Photo Credit: Your Houston News

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