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Sheriff To Hold Understanding 'Threat' Of Islam Seminar (Video)

Greene County, Virginia, Sheriff Steven Smith recently announced a free seminar that appears to attack Islam, the religion of Muslims (video below).

Smith wrote on his Facebook page Oct. 21: "[T]he Greene County Sheriff's Office will host a seminar free to the public. The seminar is: UNDERSTANDING THE THREAT, a very interesting and informative class on the muslim religion."

Wadah Al Mulhim, a local college student, told WCAV: "It was kind of a shock to me as a member of the student-Muslim community."

"The title itself should be changed," Al Mulhim added. "Because Islam is not a threat, the threat is extremists who make us look bad, who make any religion look bad."

Several Facebook commenters were upset by the posting, while others wanted to see what the seminar actually teaches.

"On Facebook, they claimed it is an educational seminar," Al Mulhim said. "At the same time, it would not be educational if its not fair, if it's not equal chances from both sides to have an argument and give their opinions."

No Muslims are listed as speakers at the seminar, but it will feature Chris Gaubatz, whose father, Paul David Gaubatz, co-wrote a book entitled: "Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that's Conspiring to Islamize America."

Talking Points Memo noted in 2009 that the book was used by four Republicans who accused the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) of possibly infiltrating Capitol Hill with undercover interns, which is what Chris did when he went undercover as a "bearded Muslim convert" to infiltrate CAIR's office in Washington D.C. for his dad's book.

"We treated him so well. I jokingly offered to help him get married," CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper told Talking Points Memo. "They lied to us about their background. They falsely claimed to be Muslim. They would stand next to us and pray during prayers."

The "scandal" in the book was that CAIR, like many religious organizations, encouraged its interns to get internships on Capitol Hill.

"This guy spied on us for months, and the most they can come up with is that we're doing ordinary lobbying work on Capitol Hill?" Hooper added.

Back in Greene County, the sheriff told WCAV about his upcoming seminar: "No lies will be told. It's not about rhetoric against Muslims, it's about what they teach their own people."

After the news station aired its story Oct. 23, Smith changed his posting to: "The seminar is: UNDERSTANDING THE Jihadi THREAT, to America a very interesting and informative class on the muslim religion."

On Oct. 25, Smith wrote on Facebook: "The seminar is on."

Sources: WCAV, Talking Points MemoSteven Smith/Facebook / Photo credit: Steven Smith/Facebook

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